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December 14, 2020

In Judaism there is a term known as your “Ethical Will”. It means the legacy of your wisdom transmitted to your lineage, children, family, and also the world.

Think of this global summit as a time capsule for your professional wisdom, your dharma.

This is your special invitation from my heart, to create an ethical will for the women professionals in the entertainment business who are following (and sometimes stumbling) in your footsteps.

Would you be willing to share your wisdom with us?

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You’re receiving this private invitation because Kaia and the Entertainment Business League recognize you have honed your superpowers, your intuition, your business acumen, your leadership… your wisdom.

All we desire is an hour of your time. Will you join us?

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We don’t need another fucking initiative.

We can’t make actual change – to inclusivity, to gender parity, to representation and diverse voices – unless we learn what to do differently, what to do that will really make an impact, move the needle, put women in the power seat more often.

That’s where you come in.

We need your wisdom about business, your professional acumen. What do you know now, looking back, that you wish you knew starting out? What makes a woman successful? What can we do better?

We need a map of the territory, and a sense of how to navigate it as we bring our own visions to light.

And I think we can cover it in an hour with you, and I’d love to!

My name is Kaia Alexander, and I’m the founder of the Entertainment Business League for women, and Writing with Kaia. I’m an award-winning Harper Collins novelist (Written in the Ashes), previous development exec (JUST FRIENDS, PEACEFUL WARRIOR and THE GOOD NIGHT). My mentor was the beloved comedian Garry Shandling. I’m also proud to be the BQ in LGBTQ.

Can I speak frankly?

As women, we’re often our own worst enemies. I have awful stories of betrayal and envy, and I’m sure you do, too. Miserable experiences we’ve endured at the hands of men… and even other women. At the hands of our own myopic self-sabotage at times.

Yes, we have suffered significantly – even violently sometimes – at the hands of men. But the injustices of women against women are their own form of sad cruelty.

Where is the sisterhood? Where is the support and solidarity?

Let’s co-create it! I created my own mentorship program for women writers when I realized at the beginning of 2020 that… there weren’t any. Barriers in the business to working remain impenetrable. Women struggle, often as “lone wolves”.

I think women need to work together, fly in formation, celebrate one another and each other’s accomplishments. Yes, it means getting to parity industry-wide, and it’s also an entire paradigm shift of women working together so that we create an atmosphere of inclusion, especially for BIWOC women who statistically have less representation than white women.

Let’s talk about it!

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Endorsements for Kaia:


“I so enjoyed working with you, Kaia.”

Ashley Judd


“Kaia is a genius.”

Garry Shandling


“I love this woman.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Who is our Audience?

The Entertainment Business Wisdom Summit is for women professionals and creatives in the entertainment business. We are producers, writers, directors, actors, execs and creatives from all types of class, race and ethnicity.

Our goal of 30,000 global participants for this summit is within reach because of our team’s combined background of digital marketing experience and audience reach via our partners and running ads online.

We recognize that there are women who want to learn from you. What do you wish you knew sooner in your career? What can you share with us that we should know?

This audience of professional women wants to hear your wisdom!

How it Works

You’ll be interviewed privately over Zoom for 1 hour by me, Kaia. The recording of your interview will broadcast during the summit with other women of influence I’m interviewing.

We’ve heard enough already for centuries from the men. We want to hear from YOU.

In this interview, we’ll take a deep dive together to talk about what really matters to YOU, what you think other women professionals should know.

I’ll ask you the questions that you wish someone would ask you – about your wisdom. About business. About what it takes to make a global impact with your vision and your talent. Hopefully we have a few laughs, too.

Our interview will be recorded virtually at your convenience over Zoom – and given at no cost to generations of women in the entertainment industry worldwide.

Wondering what our interview might be like?

Watch my interview with director Maria Giese for the Borderless Content Congress, November 2020:

We need a permanent paradigm shift for women in entertainment.

Benefits to You

While this 3-day virtual event is broadcast free of charge for all participants, the digital recordings will be available to purchase so the audience can read the transcripts, listen to the audio recording of your interview, or watch the replay. This way, educators and teachers at schools and universities will also be able to use all the summit interviews in their classrooms.

As an option for you, if you want to share the experience of the Summit with your own audience, social media or email list, – and I hope you do – we have an affiliate program in place that means you’ll take home 50% of the gross revenue (minus refunds), from ALL your audience summit purchases. We’ll create a special code for you with your own personal link that tracks your sales in real time.

This creates a virtuous circle of giving. When you give your time, the audience benefits from your wisdom. When your audience purchases, we all benefit, as the Entertainment Business League for women can create more programs and partnerships to help women succeed professionally in the entertainment business.

This invitation comes from my heart, in hopes that you’ll enjoy talking to me about what matters most to you. About your business wisdom. And if you have any questions for me, you can always email me directly at

You can also see more about my company at

Warm regards,

To say “yes”
You or your personal assistant can
simply email:

About Kaia Alexander

Kaia is an award-winning novelist, director and producer born and raised in Pacific Palisades, CA. She was a development exec on JUST FRIENDS with Ryan Reynolds, PEACEFUL WARRIOR with Nick Nolte, and THE GOOD NIGHT with Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow. She was mentored by late comedian Garry Shandling. She’s a passionate surfer, animal lover and mother. Her new documentary, CHALICE: WISE WOMEN RISE (2021) explores why and how women were erased from the history books.


About Sylvia Franklin

A writer/producer with upcoming credits on ABC’s The Rookie and Women of the Movement. Additionally, she’s worked on teams that have produced 150+ hours of TV as a script coordinator. She’s also a member of the WGAw, having run the Committee of Black Writers, is currently a member of the Committee of Women Writers, as well as a former president of the Organization of Black Screenwriters. She’s also currently in development on several projects.